06 February 2013

Hood is Up

First of all, my reply is fixed on my blog.  I don't know what was wrong with it, but it works now.
So, I'm sorry if I failed to respond to someone.


Gourmet Stove Hood is Up!

It's an Electrolux Icon, manufactured by a Swedish company.

The plumber and the electrician finished their work and my spouse could hang the facade of the stove hood.  A little drama in that the screws were lost, but he got up early and went to Home Depot and found something that would work, and he completed it before he left for work!

I painted the shelves  that my spouse built with Sherwin William's Light French Gray today.  I painted one; loved it, and painted the rest.  These painted easily.  I noticed that the better grade wood takes the paint easier than the cheaper wood. The cheaper wood needs priming.  It's worth the little extra.   The shelves look so nice with the planked bead board wall that we installed.

I've still some painting to do: trim, doors, and maybe the molding too.  It's easier to paint molding or trim before putting it up, because then it only needs to be touched up.  I am hoping to get a lot of this done before the rest of the kitchen goes in.

I took the photo without a flash in the evening.

Light French Gray

I like it, because it looks really serene, and that's the way I like things.  
So I'm painting the baseboard Light French Gray too, because in this small kitchen it is distracting me.
I don't care if it is not tradition.

I also selected this color because the SW Light French gray is picking up this tone in the veining of the Carrara honed marble that we purchased and had fabricated from a remnant,
 and the stone that is yet to be installed.

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SW French Gray


  1. Oh, this is beautiful!! So true, molding is so much easier to paint before it's installed! (Live and learn!)
    Have a wonderful evening ~ the week is half through...the weeks are flying by!

  2. It looks great Susan. I cannot to see the sink and the next phase.

    1. I know! It might be a couple a weeks away yet. :(

  3. Nice!! You are really making progress on the kitchen renovation. I just love the french grey you've chosen.

    1. Thank you, Anne. I love the tile you picked out.

  4. The atmosphere is indeed very serene with the shleves blending in the wall. About the baseboard, it's quite trendy now in France to paint it the same colour as the wall, since a TV decorator said it makes the wall appears taller. The previous owners of my cottage did that in the bedrooms. Good luck with all your painting!

    1. Thank you, Magali. I did not know that about the trend in France!

  5. This is a wonderful stove and kitchen will looks like you will get so much use out of this!

  6. Also....forgot to say thanks for linking to "Open House"!!

  7. Hello Susan
    I love your kitchen and I'm so envious of your beautiful stove.
    The French gray is wonderful!
    Shane ♥

  8. This really wonderful. Everyone may success. So nice of you best wishes to you.

  9. I am laughing so hard at this- it's EXACTLY how my husband and I are! We have had neighbors knock on our door and ask us what project we are working on now :)


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