17 February 2013

Bead-board Ceiling Painted

My spouse made the box beam.  The box is easy to make, just 3 sides of wood nailed together with a nail gun.  It was not easy to install because the walls and ceilings are not straight in this 70 year old cottage. It was made to cover a small beam that did nothing, but would have created another mess if torn out...  When it was finished we faced it with some trim on both sides; it nearly matches the one in the hallway that was always there! Ditto keeping the bead-plank ceiling and walls straight! Matching the ceiling grooves to the wall grooves is key.
We trimmed out the original window, an power saw does the cuts quickly and cleanly We have replaced windows in all the bedrooms and bathrooms, but we saved the corner windows in the living room and the one in the kitchen because they are classic and there are three doors to the outside from these rooms, so egress was not an issue.  This one is a steel casement window.  What it would of been replaced with looks like a bathroom window, so I decided to pass.  Each window on this house is custom and has to be fabricated, because they are non standard sizes and cemented into the concrete block home.

I painted the shelves my spouse made.  Higher quality wood does not need priming.  Butcher block Ikea hack that I'm fixing up as counters.

How to Paint Bead Board or Plank Walls

The bead-board planks that we installed on the ceiling ourselves are finally painted.  What an ordeal! Caulking, wood filling, sanding, priming the indentations, painting the indentations.... exhausting!!!   But it is so pretty.  I took some photos, and I've misplaced the camera.

How to Deal With Damaged Plaster Walls

We used bead-board planks to cover  the damaged plaster that didn't match the rest of the 70 year old cottage.  At one point we could see the concrete blocks, but they were in as bad shape as the plaster from the 70s remodel, so we decided to fix the walls with the planks.

We have had a lot going on.  We went to San Diego and visited friends.  And my daughter seems to be doing better eating since having pneumonia.  She is very tiny for her age; she is petite like me, and she was looking gaunt.  Today she ate well, and she redesigned her bike all by herself!  I didn't know she was working on it behind the shed, while we were working on the kitchen.  I think she is going to post about it in the next couple of days, because she showed me something she wrote, but she was too exhausted to work on her photos.

Tomorrow I have my day cut out for me with my nephew : talking him through his papers and helping him edit.  Writing does not come easily for everyone; that's rough.


  1. I love the look of beadboard. It just doesn't fit with the style of our house. Oddly enough though, there is beadboard on the ceiling of our covered porch.

    You did a great job.

  2. We're redoing our kitchen, too. I love your ceiling! It's so pretty! Thanks for stopping by mu blog and leaving a comment about Grace's kitchen.


  3. Wow! You are rewarded of all your hard work. It looks great! And we got a glimpse of the other side!

  4. Everything is looking so very lovely. And I'm glad your dd is beginning to recover - what a relief.

  5. So exciting to see it all coming together!! I love love love all your planked walls and ceiling. So charming. Sorry to hear your daughter has been feeling poorly. I hope she perks up soon!!! ~Angela~


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