25 January 2013

This Old ....

Living here can be like an episode of this Old House.  We loved that show, but we don't watch enough television to justify having cable.  We use to call it affectionately "This Old Dump"and now we joke about our own.  We use to fall in love with those old homes almost as much as the homeowners.

Wow.  We resolved the plumbing issue.  My spouse was correct and my instinct was right.  A plumber came out and capped the pipe a little further down getting it out of the way for about 100 dollars.  The other guy was making a huge deal out of it, not to mention that he used my ladder to look in the ceiling, and then said it was in the attic when it was within his reach, so at minimum it was 350+ dollars despite all the work their company has done; certainly, he does not have the attitude of the electrician company we use!  But I'm happy it's resolved, and we have another plumber to call on for smaller projects!

Then last night we heard a drip.  In the meantime near the same spot in the kitchen, but in the roof, unrelated to the plumbing, the roof sprang a small leak!  At least we still had the hole in the plaster ceiling so we could hear it!

It only rains during two seasons a year and it's good it's this week.  My husband knew how to patch it, so he did first thing this morning. The Home Depot had the patching stuff stacked up outside in preparation; I wasn't kidding that rain is rare.  I'm glad we didn't get the kitchen in and have that happen!  The next expense is a roof and hopefully by the end of this year.

But even with the expenses, we are comfortable with what we are doing to the property. The old neighborhoods close to the city's downtown are seeing a revival and are quite desirable to people who want to scale back or live closer to work or events.  We acquired it way under market value; we do what we can ourselves; we pay as we go.  This is a good practice if one thinks they might want to sell and move somewhere else, though that is not our plan.

I am starting to see articles that this is happening in other parts of the country as well.  We really like this old home, and we don't miss the driving.


  1. Hope you've managed to resolve all your leak problems! Lucky that you found a good & fair plumber. Good plumbers are really hard to find.

    Our last house was just on the the fringe of downtown, in an area that was in between a "bad" neighbourhood and an upscale neighbourhood. We sold our house in 2002, and a few years later it sold for $150,000 more - definitely a neighbourhood that's moving on up!

  2. It makes me so happy when I see people fixing up old houses and reviving old neighborhoods into something good again. You are doing a great thing.


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