15 January 2013

Stone is Selected

After a little miscommunication between the stone fabricator and the stone supplier 
we were able to select our stone.  (Having remodeled and built homes before, miscommunication is to be expected.)

I really wanted marble, and it is actually at the same price point as my granite, but I didn't think I would like watermarks, and I didn't want the copper sink to leave oxidation marks either.

On the left is Carrera marble, and on the right is River White granite.

They both have gray veining on a white background, though this marble's veins seem lighter than some I've seen. 

The granite slab I selected is River White; it has gray veining on a diagonal with contrast between the gray and white. It's pretty with a few specks of amethyst, and since I only need a half a slab it is a good price.  Request they pull more than one slab as the color greatly varies! One had much more beige in the background than I wanted, and its veins were straight, so not a lot of movement.

Stone suppliers don't sell halves of slabs, so what happens to the other halves of granite?

The fabricators keep and sell the remnants. 

I really wanted some marble in my kitchen.

It is hit or miss on what you can find in a fabricator's yard, but we found a small piece of Carrera about the size of a vanity top with dark grey veining on a nice white background. This was the perfect size for my butcher blocks. So we paid the fabricator for it, and he is going to cut the size we want.

I'll provide more information on this low cost project when it is completed.

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  1. Oh this is so much fun!! I feel like I am re-living the steps of my own kitchen renovation which I loved!!

    1. Thank you so much. You are so sweet to say so.


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