27 January 2013


I have posts in the que. 
I begin writing them and finish them later.

We patched the leak in the roof, and again I have to say I am thankful it happened now, not after the kitchen went in.

But that means we never were able to hookup the hood to the stove, so maybe next weekend.
Here's the hole in the kitchen ceiling.

One can see some of the new plumbing that plumbers did as well as the work the electrician did.
That's the hot and cold in blue and red, the yellow is electrical.

Before we didn't any work on the bathroom or the kitchen
we had to have the plumbers out and the electricians to bring the home up to code with permitted work.  That was all behind the scenes work, but the entire house needed it.

I did manage to pick out the paint.  I decided on Sherwin-Williams French Gray with Snowbound White for the ceiling, some of the trim, and some of the future molding.
I was going to use some blue, but I think it would be better if it is simply gray with white,
because it is relaxing.
I can always change the paint color, not a real big deal except for getting paint in the grooves of the bead-board!

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