20 January 2013

Little Projects

The remodel is going slowly.  We are working, but it is behind the scenes work; my spouse cut a large hole in the ceiling and added some braces;  all of this is preparation to install the stove hood
which has arrived, but it is still in the box. There seems to be some pipes in the way, but not the pipes we replaced; these look capped, so we have to call the plumbers back to look to see if they just capped them or do they go somewhere.

In the meantime everyone is recovering from being sick.  I'm the last one because I was the last one to get sick, so proud of my methods to prevent sickness for over a week.

So I have been doing little projects.

I tried to get a picture of him, but he never sits still.  His birthday is actually at the end of January, but he was just groomed, and by then he won't look this good.  I thought I would take his 6 year photo a little early.

I rearranged all our bookshelves.  Does it really matter?  It will look a mess in a few weeks, but at least some of the dust is gone.

 I like to use pretty containers to store things.  These are full.  I need to pull some empty ones out.

This is not done.  It is just an undercoat.

I put Valentine candy in a bowl.  With all these projects and more, I've avoided taking down the Christmas tree:)  It's not the end of January yet.


  1. I'm sorry to read that you've all been sick. I hope everyone recovers soon. Renovating looks like really hard work!

  2. It is always hard when you get to that stage of renovation where the detail work is....nothing really pretty but certainly always necessary.


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