06 January 2013

Learning Update

Last week was a week filled with world class pianists as well as my daughter's competitions.
Every day we went to watch a competition, and since it happens not too often, it is a big deal.

We are currently reading Wuthering Heights.  Some of the books we have read, discussed, and written about since October are: Captain Courageous, Anne Frank's Diary, A Man For All Seasons, Animal Farm, and three essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson.  There are others, like some American short stories, but I don't have a list.

She likes her online Chemistry class, and per her request we bought her a biology text book for her i-pad mini, and she likes that too.

She was in the Nutcracker, and she competed in piano and placed.
She is still singing, playing chess, painting, and dancing.

For the cooler months, she set up a study area in the shed that my spouse built from a kit.

She has helped with suggestions for the kitchen.

She wants to take some more formal classes, but we have not figured out what direction to go.

She bought herself a sewing machine from IKEA, and she is teaching herself to sew, because she has an interest in fashion and the arts. She made two pillows within twenty-four hours.

She is a writer and a poet.

And here is her list of recently reread children's books. Some of these are really worn because she has read them over and over.

Poppy , Poppy and Rye,  Ragweed, Poppy's Return, Ereth's Birthday, A Year Down Yonder, Chasing Redbird,  The Witches,  Phillipa Fisher and the Fairy Godsister, The Giver, A Wrinkle in Time, 
The Klipfish Code, Junonia, Beatrix Potter

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  1. So impressive, all the things she does. She has such a breadth of interests and activities, it must be very reassuring to you. A child like that makes unschooling easy!

    I am also impressed, as always, with her reading level. Those are some difficult books there!

  2. So fun to have an eager learner and it sounds like you are experiencing everything along with her. Will you be taking up sewing or is that already one of your talents?

    1. Thank you, I wish I did know how to use a sewing machine. She will be able to show me soon.

  3. I love reading these posts about what your daughter is learning. She is getting such a wonderful education. I would love to see pictures of the study shed!


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