14 January 2013

Knobs and Pulls Arrived

Those are the ones I ordered, and I went into the store to order, so we could save on shipping.
Well they arrived and they sent a clear, glass pull with frosted glass knobs.  

I ordered clear, but apparently the associate selected frosted on her hand-held device.
SO Restoration Hardware will send UPS out to pick them up.  Very inconvenient.  That means I have to be home, and I have no idea what time, only the day.  How inconvenient can that be?  One can't take it to UPS because the labels are not prepaid.
We have lessons to go, things to do, etcetera....

In the meantime I had to repurchase clear knobs.
RH will refund my money when they get the other ones back.
Our receipt only showed part numbers; we trusted that the person behind the register to get the order correct.  For future reference, it might of been a good idea for her to verify the part number, or better to go with another company, or to have paid the shipping.  I got what I didn't pay for; that has two meanings ;)

Here's an example of what was correct.

The finish on it is similar to the IKEA products that I purchased for organization.

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