24 January 2013

Kitchen Progess So Far

The cabinets are here in boxes.  The date Thomasville told us to call for the ETA was the day we found out that the cabinets had already been at the H.D. for two days.  Apparently there are seven boxes, but they only have five.  I guess it will take them a couple of days to find them.  Tomorrow I need to call the installer, because he will go through the boxes and figure out what is missing.

I still have the hole in my ceiling in preparation for the stove hood installation, and the bead-board work is halted until this is resolved.  We had a plumber out, but he was not one of the experienced, older guys who worked on our house, installed new plumbing, and familiarized themselves with the strange layout.  Needless to say nothing got done, but I'm glad because I secretly did not trust him.  (My father was a plumber.)

My spouse was frustrated so he called another company to figure out whether or not the line they capped has water.  Maybe he should of just called the original company back and explained what we have spent with them and that the original plumbers were suppose to come out.  
Sometimes it is best to stay out of it.

There are no vibrations in the pipe, but we don't want to remove it unless one is not 100 percent sure there is no water.

Once the installer opens the cabinet boxes, I am going to pick my paint colors.

Below is progress so far...
Original Kitchen

New stove, IKEA hack still in progress, Epoxy Floor

Outdoor eating area off the kitchen and epoxy floor...

New door and the "old" refrigerator that was moved to the porch because it is too big.

Some Measuring Cups

Bridge Faucet

Farmhouse Sink

Examples of Knobs and IKEA Stuff

Example of Stone Samples



  1. Oh don't you love the various 'tradespeople' that you seem to go through. I just had an electrician completely mess up our electrical when he installed outdoor lighting. Apparently now we have to turn on the outside lights to use our office lights???
    Anyway, your kitchen is going to be FABULOUS...I cannot wait. Great Choices.

  2. I can't wait to see what you'll do with your kitchen! I'll bet there will be plenty of great ideas I'll steal! I had an electrician come and see what needs to be done in my kitchen this week... And I know it'll be expensive!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing it all finished. I know it is going to be worth it in the end. Trade's men can be a challenge to work with and I really hope everything works out well from this point on. It was nice to have a little peek at what is going on.


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