26 January 2013

Kitchen Plans Updated

I am changing things up a bit on my kitchen design.  The refrigerator I wanted is not going to work out.  The Big Chill has always been too big, but the Northstar was not.  Unfortunately,  the platform on which the Northstar is built did not justify the price in my mind.  That left the Smeg, and the Smeg is too small; I am five feet and taller than it.

This is what I started with.

Kitchen by butterflyandbungalow featuring leather bags

So after I ruled out the retro that left the Blombergs, Summits, Leibers, etcetera.  These are tall narrow refrigerator/freezers that are 72 inches tall and 24 inches wide.  The issue was how modern they looked, but after research I was able to find just a glass one built on a Summit platform, but it is only a refrigerator, however it has 14 cubic feet.  This will work because I have my LARGE refrigerator/freezer that we brought when we moved and have it plugged in on the back porch because it took up half a wall.

This maintains the budget.  Anything else would have involved over 7000+ dollars.  I made a new board and this is getting closer to what we are trying to accomplish.

Kitchen Board

Kitchen Board by butterflyandbungalow on Polyvore

I couldn't find a photo on Polyvore of the refrigerator.

This is a very small kitchen 7 and 3/4  feet on two sides, a door wall that is 134 inches across, and the "wall" opposite the door kitchen was widened to and opening of 78 inches.  We could not remove the wall even though it was not a support wall, because there are pipes in one of them, not the ones we replaced, but they are newer and copper, and it wouldn't make any sense to incur that expense.  Besides this is an area where much of the year can be spent outdoors, so eventually we will have a cooking area, besides our barbecue, outdoors.

One would think a glass refrigerator would be modern.  Well it could be, but most of the images I found on Pinterest and Houzz showed them in country kitchens.

This photo is from Better Homes and Gardens or BHG.  I love their website!

This refrigerator is fancier and more expensive than the one we located.  The model we are looking at is stainless on all sides with a glass door and will be no more than 1700 with shipping and tax.

This is workable.

When we had a kitchen we bought mostly fresh food to prepare ourselves, because one of us has a special diet.

I also don't think the glass will be any more work than it is on a microwave and less wiping than our stainless refrigerator.  My child is old enough that touching the glass should not be an issue and besides it has a long stainless handle.

One would have to keep it semi-organized which would be good for us.
And we won't have to open the door as much ✐

I imagine some people would not care for the same reasons that I like it,
but having given up a dream of a new "vintage" refrigerator,  this is preferable look to a more modern looking refrigerator.


  1. I would never have thought of a glass refrigerator, but this is such a good idea! I love your mood board! I'm also changing my kitchen plans so it'll fit the budget... It's kind of a challenge to make dream and reality meet!

  2. I love your new mood board and actually I prefer this fridge. I am so impressed with the way this is all coming together. Very interesting.

  3. As much as I LOVE the frig, I personally couldn't imagine the pressure to always have it spotless!
    But on the other hand, perhaps that's just the kind of motivation I need.


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