28 January 2013

Island Reveal

Ikea Islands

Original Ikea Hack

Do you remember these 49 dollar islands that I purchased at IKEA?

When the range hood is installed and the walls are finished this will be the configuration on the cooking wall with a narrow refrigerator on the end. 

This is what I started with: two plain IKEA islands that were on sale.

Did you know that the
fabricators of stone have leftovers or remnants?  It's hit or miss as to what one can find, but one might find just what they were looking for,
so I visited one in an upscale area.

I found a piece of honed Carrara marble for 80 dollars!
Then I gave the measurements to the fabricator and paid him 220 dollars to fabricate two countertops for a total of 300.

I made two open cabinets with countertops for a total of 452 dollars that includes: islands, marble, fabrication, two nickel pulls, labor, and tax.

We attached the hardware we bought from Restoration Hardware.
When the hood and walls are finished we will push them both back into their place which will be by the refrigerator.
The handles are to hang a hand towel or maybe even a cooking utensil.
For now I am going to leave them natural.  I like to live with things awhile before making a decision.

On this side of the room, it was going to cost 7000 dollars to do cabinets and a cabinet for the refrigerator with countertops and installation!

Instead I will have this and a little open shelving perhaps from IKEA for much, much less.
I love it!  Making my own doll houses all those years when I was young keeps on saving me money!

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  1. It is amazing what you can do with some creativity. I love your islands.

  2. so lovely! and so clever of you.

  3. Don't you love it when you discover how to get something on the cheap. I did something similar a few years back in the bathroom. I was able to get a piece of granite that was the "cut-out" for the sink in a large granite counter. Like you, I had no idea that you could pick up these pieces for cheap. As for the Ikea drawer liners, I found that most of them fit but not all so you need to do a bit of measuring.
    It is all coming together so nicely.
    I am really enjoying following your progress. I would love to do a "spotlight" post on my blog so other people can find your blog. Are you interested. If so, email me at donnasinclair91@gmail.com

  4. HI, Sj, thanks for coming by & your sweet comments. I am loving the looks of your cottage kitchen and your renovation. You have got great taste, can't wait to see it finished!

  5. Beautiful!! I love the stone remnant idea -- I have been meaning to look into that for years, but haven't done it yet. Great to see an example of how it works out! Love your progress, can't wait to see what's next!


  6. Wow, such a great idea. I need to think outside the box for the kitchen as well as money is becoming an issue... I take it as a challenge rather than a curse!!! And Ikea can be our friend in those moments!

  7. Oh I love it. That range is to die for and the two islands are perfect. I love your remnant of marble, perfect. I found a remnant for my island and it totally changed the whole kitchen. Great post and super thrifty ideas. Love it. Thanks also for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. Oh how I wish we had an ikea store in my state! I love their cabinets! I'm like you, have to live with something awhile before painting. I do love the natural way ikea does their finishes! Your blog is amazing, I am now your latest follower! xo Pam

  9. Hi - so nice to meet you!!!
    I'm visiting via Donna - ( An Anglo in Quebec ) and so happy she has mentionned you.
    Happily following you

  10. Suzann sent me. Glad she did. I have a little 'ol house, too. Your bedroom is beautiful, Thanks or sharing it.


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