04 January 2013

I Love Whimsical Kitchens!

I love big, beautiful designer kitchens, but I prefer kitchens that looked put together with a touch of whimsy:  something salvaged, something new, something painted, something fun, mixed materials, hand crafted, and relaxed.  These kitchens look playful, but functional sometimes rustic, sometimes beautiful; the juxtaposition of modern with old, natural elements with vintage, and  a touch homeowner whimsy creates personality, and a sense of time and warmth.

Here is my board of whimsical kitchens.

Some of the kitchens are colorful and some of them are muted grays and whites.  But what the kitchens have in common is that they look as if they were created from what they had for example, the footprint or an old window or door was kept,  older, painted cabinets were mixed with new, or maybe they chose affordable wood countertops and sealed them with a marine grade sealer making them look like furniture. Maybe they mixed countertops. The kitchens seem imperfect with personality, sometimes beautiful, sometimes cozy, or achievable.

These kitchens might of been created on a limited budget, or with unique finds, not imitable, but inspirational, because they are based on the individual's interest and the condition of the property.  Sometimes whimsical kitchens look like a film set or a place in fairytale; sometimes the kitchens look as if they could have existed in another time or place except for the modern conveniences. 

For me, imperfection can be beautiful or whimsical: exposed venting, old walls, mismatched cabinets, open shelving, painted floors, unexpected color, vintage furniture, unique accessories, and something created or collected with the owners' hands. 


  1. I have several of the same pins:) Love a cute kitchen.

  2. I am following some of those boards of yours...fantastic!! I totally agree with you. I love spaces that appear to tell a story or at least have a story. I am turned off of spaces that look like they are too perfect, no soul.
    A touch of the out of ordinary makes a space come to life for me.


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