16 January 2013

Bead Board & Box Beam

We are trying to put the cottage back in the cottage.
This delicate light was a birthday present from my dad.

We are slowly working on the landscape.
And the same goes for the kitchen!

Today, we had the electrician move the new electrical wires for the hood installation, because it is going to be installed several inches to the right of where it was on the original plan.

But because I'm not buying cabinets for this side of the room as in the original plan I'm saving at least $7000.

I'm in the process of planning an IKEA hack for this side of the kitchen.

Since this last photo was taken my spouse has trimmed and sanded about 1/4 of an inch off each long side of the butcher blocks, so we have enough room for a new, narrow refrigerator. Eventually the wall behind it will be covered with planked bead-board too.  The walls are concrete blocks covered with plaster, but really damaged from the work that was done and the funky finish and remodel done in the seventies that does not match the rest of the plaster in the house.  We discovered that although the house was built in 44, the kitchen was remodeled in 72 because we found a newspaper in the wall.

We started putting up bead-board on the other side.  It's a little tricky to keep it level with each row because the walls are not square.
None of this has been painted yet, and the window's trim is not finished.
This is the one original, steel casement window we kept besides the corner windows on the front.
The replacement choice looked like a bathroom window.
By the time it is finished out and repainted it will look nice and eventually the sleeping porch will have new French doors and be insulated, so its fine in regards to energy efficiency, since it sort of becomes an interior window.

We are doing this in our free time, and it is time consuming. We are awaiting our ETA on our five cabinets and trim pieces from Thomasville, so our progress is fine.

How to Make a Box Beam

We made a faux beam to hide the transition between the dining area and the kitchen. It's an easy project; build a three sided box and in our cased we nailed it to a narrower beam on the ceiling.

We could have removed the original post beam on the ceiling because it is not support, but we didn't want to have to redo all the ceiling in the open living when we widened the kitchen's entry by 36 inches, because the ceilings didn't match.
We also finally closed up the wall on the left that contains the plumbing; it is also nonsupport, but it is too expensive to move plumbing, let alone repaire it :)
This was a good solution to have a nice transition from the kitchen to the dining area.

This is MDF planks.  It comes primed, but really needs to be primed, so one does not waste paint, which is more money than a good primer.

Once the cabinets are installed, we will put up some crown molding or some type of molding between the walls and the ceiling in the kitchen.  The ceiling in the kitchen will probably be 
SW silvermist which is a chic pale blue, and the trim will be SW Snowbound, but I'm still considering the wall color.

I am really looking forward to having a place for some of our kitchen supplies.
Inexpensive, but with loads of style, here are some Ikea Bowls and Anthropologie Bowls

I want the kitchen to look put together and as if it has been here awhile, so I will be mixing counter top surfaces, metal finishes, and cabinets.   The countertops will be a remnant of Carrara marble, river white granite, and butcher block.  The cabinets will be a mix of an IKEA hack and Thomasville.  The finishes will be stainless, platinum, copper, bronzed and glass. I am going about it as I would decorate any other room in the house except for the consideration of layout and function.

And the expoxy concrete floor that we made to cover the area of the original floor that was extremely damaged is staying; it's working out great.
An article on an expensive home in Carmel showed one in white.  LOL
We did it ourselves before we realized it is probably a trend.
It is practical and inexpensive if you do it yourself.
Besides, we wanted to keep the original concrete floors.

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