02 December 2012

The Dress

This is what we did yesterday.
My daughter took this photo of herself with a mirror.
Apparently this is "the dress".  
One sister is a buyer, 
not for any of the companies involved, but she had read about the release.
We went to pick up another dress that we bought and had altered for another event when the salesperson asked her if she wanted to see the special promotion.  
She went upstairs and came back with this: 
Neiman Marcus & Target's Marquesa.

The story is just so silly.
I hate to shop.  I was there only because this particular company was the only company this year selling dresses pretty enough for her need.
We had no clue.
And we didn't wait in a line.
But we have  "The dress". 
Once in awhile it is nice to have luck on your side.
And it was reasonable. 
So it is an early Christmas gift.

The beading looks like little shells and goes around to the back, and the hem is angelic.
Click on the photo to see it larger.

She informed me that she is getting old enough that purchasing a gift and placing it under the tree might not be a good idea without her input.
And I just realized I should takes some closeups of the dress on the hangar.

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  1. So Sweet!, she is so pretty, wonderful moments!

  2. That is a beautiful dress and it looks so cute on her. She is a cutie too.

  3. What a perfectly cute dress for a perfectly cute young lady...



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