10 December 2012

Range Research and Decision

After our move I came across an old box of magazine clippings, and I was stunned to see how the pieces I have acquired over the years, as well as my style,  reflected those clippings.

Today there is Pinterest, and it saves me space! I browse Pinterest and pin my favorites to my inspiration boards.  This is one way I've been gathering ideas for my kitchen remodel including a private board that has lots of ideas, but only meaning to me.   However when the kitchen is finished, I will post it, because it will be interesting to see how the reveal compares.

I have also used the internet to compare various makers of prostyle ranges with various manufacturers: Viking, Blue Star, Dacor, Wolfe, and Electrolux to name a few.  I can tell you that Dacor has a trademark blue flame; Wolfe has TM classic red knobs; and Electrolux has a TM cobalt blue interior oven.  And Viking and Wolfe will even let you choose custom color panels for your oven or stove.

I have also used  the internet to compare refrigerators specifically Big Chill and Smeg and Summit.  In this home I need something small scale and sort of vintage looking.  After reading lots of downloaded PDFs and a couple of trips to stores, I narrowed the search to just a range for now.  My ten-year old refrigerator is fine, but at thirty-six inches wide it is too big for this space, which presents a problem planning cabinets.  I need to get the cabinets fitted to the size refrigerator that would work in that space, or boldly go without cabinets on that side of the kitchen because there is so little counter space it hardly seems worth it to spend the money on cabinets.

In the end I decided on the Electrolux-Icon 30 inch gas range and its overhead hood in all stainless.

I like the style and the size of its oven window, and its square lines will look good in a cottage kitchen. In my research I discovered that Electrolux it is a Swedish company, which explains why I liked the design.  I love Gustavian furniture, French furniture, and IKEA.  The range has enough BTUs for cooking like a chef in your home, but perfect for the residential setting with nothing too special to accomodate it.

Sears had a Friend and Family sale online, and when I went to the store to look around, I found out I would save an additional 15 percent if I purchased from the store! So we received an amazing price.

What I like about Sears is their layaway; if one likes to pay as they go it's awesome.  One also has the protection of a big box store; on an item with a big outlay, unless one uses credit, one is at risk if the smaller carrier suddenly closes shop.  Furthermore, if one belongs to Sear's club one can get one percent back even though one does not have their credit card.  So, if you are buying two items pay for the more expensive first, and then have them text your savings to use on the second item.

I can't wait for it to get here.  

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