18 December 2012

Puppy Love

Clara the Cat and Francis the Toy Poodle.  
She weighs more than him.  He's all fluff.
They have been best friends even when we still had her brother.  
He is almost 6, and she is almost 3.
She waits for him to come out and play then, they run off together chasing each other back and forth across the yard.  
She cleans him when they are resting.
She brings him toys to play with, even things he shouldn't have, like the mini Beanie Baby and the wooden chair.
We have three other cats that Clara will have nothing to do with, she has eyes only for Francis.

P.S. Toy Poodles are perfect pets if one doesn't have small children.
Their bones are very delicate, and they have to be handled with extreme care.  

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  1. what a wonderful story about Clara having eyes only for Francis. bless their little hearts.


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