10 December 2012

New Range

No hood or cabinets yet, but the stove arrived.

I see that the cabinet arrangement that was drawn up is not going to work, which is good because it will save us money, but it is also interesting, because we are not getting any built-ins on this side now. The cabinets allow too little storage in a tight space.

I will have to come up with something creative, so it is a good thing
that I decided to get the stove first.  I would of be unhappy with those cabinets for that price.

This is a 30 inch Electrolux Icon a professional stove made for the residential setting.
The floors are painted concrete with epoxy.

I will share the next step soon.

I received a great price on the hood and stove and total outlay is under 3000 dollars for both appliances with tax.  This stove is normally 3199.  I paid nearly 1000 less.
Sears also has a layaway plan.

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