16 December 2012

Lemon Tree Sign of Christmas

This was our lemon tree a couple of weeks ago.  They are green in this photo if one could spot them.  Sorry, I think my digital camera is going.
It was here before us, and I'm a little worried that it is planted too close to the house.
Lemons on the tree are a sign of Christmas.

Now we have lots of lemons for Christmas.

We have a tangelo tree too, but I guess it is too immature.  It didn't give us anything.

My daughter picked the lemons and arranged them.  It looks so festive!
We are using what grows around here to decorate.
It is too warm for plants with pine cones, 
or acorns, or green pine branches to grow in our area.

We would like to plant some more citrus trees when we work on the backyard,
because citrus does well here.

A friend has an orange tree with the most delicious oranges.
We have a tangelo in the front, but it is immature.

The lemons are delicious!

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