26 December 2012

Lemon Bars Gluten Free Crust

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Lemons from our tree and a child's pinafore apron from Anthropologie...
I love how she held the lemons in the shape of a heart.

 With measuring tea cups that look like they were borrowed from the Mad Hatter's tea table...
These two "Alice"gifts are tradition.

1/4 cup

She loves her measuring tea cups and apron.

I let my daughter bake with supervision from her dad.  A gas oven is new to her.

Gluten-free Vanilla Cookie Crust

She used 3/4 cup of K-Kritters vanilla flavor Gluten-free animal crackers from Sprouts
about 1/2 cup of melted butter
1/4 cup of white sugar

She pressed it into a pan and baked it for no more than 15 minutes; it browned pretty quickly.  Then she prepared a regular lemon filling recipe that calls for corn-starch, and she poured it on top and baked it some more.

We were going to follow this recipe at Ananglo in Quebec's Two Lemons of Pure Happiness , but she ended up doing a simpler one after she finished modifying the crust.

She did a great job.

I think this post looks a little French, so I am sharing it with:
Isabelle's Le Chateau des Fleurs French Party


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