11 December 2012

Kitchen Remodel Update

Two new lights so we can see.

 Original, rotted cabinets from 1944 with 1972 green countertops.
 Newspaper in wall and sticker on electrical panel 1969 told us when it was last updated.

My gutted, small kitchen has only two useable walls.

The price of the cabinets are ridiculous!  Try close to 7000 dollars with one upper hutch, no installation, no countertops, sink, and only non wood bases, drawers, and doors. The kitchen is only 8 feet on two walls.  One wall has the stove, refrigerator, and pro hood. There is no room for an island.  Can you imagine?!

That's inflation for you!   Ten years ago I did a total condo remodel, and I gutted a galley kitchen that was actually bigger than this one.  I was able to do ALL wood, painted white cabinets, with Corian countertops, Corian sink, and four new stainless steel appliances, and a Corian "wood" floor for about 12,000.

Fortunately,  I decided to order the range first, and it arrived, and my nagging hunch was accurate!  It makes no sense to put any cabinets on the range and refrigerator side of the room!

Now l'll save money on cabinets, but I don't know how much yet, because the quote is not in any order to decipher, so I need to get a new quote.

I saw the range 30 inch wide range in place in my kitchen, and I immediately knew what I was in search of.   I started with IKEA, because they have the best prices and an extensive selection under one roof.

I purchased these two butcher block islands for 49 dollars each.  I think I need to trim them on each side about 1/4 of an inch to slide in a Summit (24 w x 80 L refrigerator), Blomberg (23.44 x 67.5), LG, Leiber, or a retro Smeg ( a little too small), or my other retro choice a North Star (24w x64L ).  These are small refrigerators/freezers, but there are only three of us, and I am still able to use my 36 side by side for overflow on the closed in back porch.  I've to give it some thought, because it will all have to fit.

The walls are not done, the hood has not come, so all is still moveable, and we will be working on this, and we need an electrician visit to add another outlet and move an outlet.

I've some fantastic ideas for the walls, but the hood has to arrive before I can start dealing with it.

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  1. How exciting! Your new oven is a beauty.

  2. the range looks great, and i found one of these butcher block islands at a tag sale and have used it for all sorts of things for storage! they really are versatile.

    good luck to you as you move forward with the project.


  3. Wow, that's major! But how exciting it will be when it's finished! ;)

  4. I love the range so much!! It's exiting and wow that's expensive. I used to get a good price here with kitchens but I can tell now even there must be less stores too. Xo

    1. I think there is less competition now. I could probably save if I buy IKEA, and I may, because it is hard to justify a non wood product at that price.


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