30 December 2012

I've Been Working on my Kitchen


This story board is my vision for our kitchen.  I made it on Polyvore; it's a fun, free, helpful tool to  design, style, shop, or share.  The copper sink is actually too shallow to be a kitchen sink, but that is the one available on Polyvore to demonstrate my vision. The same goes for the granite; I'm looking at river white, and it similar to the kashmir white in the photo, except that it has more movement.

For the kitchen, my goal is to create a collected, fun, cottage that reflects our family and my love of French and Swedish country.  I'm looking for a rabbit painting; maybe one of us will paint one, and we have to have a clock and a place for our teacups.  My spouse gets the stove.
I get the fun of designing.   I already have knickknacks and accessories similar to the images I picked on Polyvore.

The kitchen will also be a little Euro; there are certain things that cannot be overcome in our budget.  I could put the project out further, save more, make it bigger, and move pipes, but part of the reason for moving was freeing ourselves for things like college in a few years
and future expenses related to our passions .

This kitchen will reflect our lifestyle.
We are a family of three, except for the four cats and the toy poodle, so our needs are different than a bigger family.  There will be no ice maker because it works best to move the refrigerator to a different wall, besides there was no hookup to begin with, and we have lived without it since May.  I will not put in a dishwasher because I hate unloading it; I almost never put the dishes away, and often they were washed more than once, because my spouse never would run it if it wasn't full.   Mainly, I did not want to loose valuable storage in 8 x 11 kitchen with only two 8 foot walls to work with.
The microwave will set on a shelf instead of a built-in; our experience with expensive built-ins have resulted in costly repairs.

Finally, we don't plan on moving, so we can enjoy it our way.
Besides with the weather around here an outdoor kitchen makes more sense.

I've already chosen my range.
It's an Electrolux Icon
It looks big, but it is only 30 inches wide.  It has three baking racks.
The floors are concrete SW Fawn Brindle concrete paint and then coated with an epoxy.
Today, I saw an expensive remodel on Houzz do the very same thing.  One can do it
them self for very little if they have good concrete floors.

The butcher block island tops have to be trimmed just a tad to make a space for a narrower,
vintage looking refrigerator.  I've a list in mind.
(I kept my old one, but moved it to the back porch.  It took up half the wall space.)

More traditional cabinets will go on the other side of the kitchen:
Thomasville Cabbot in Dover.  It is a shaker door with a wood frame in a
light gray or an almost white shade; it really picks up the gray in the river white granite.
The granite is at the same price point as a carrara marble, but more gray with less upkeep.

I will have open, upper cabinetry.
These cabinets ended up being less than Martha Stewart, even with the better door, and surprisingly lower priced than the more "affordably" priced local cabinets.

Photo credit: Thomasville Cabinetry

This is the copper state, so a copper sink is in order. I found a copper, apron, kitchen sink at the Home Depot in a 14 gauge metal; the lower the number the thicker the metal.  Copper has natural antimicrobial properties.

  I really wanted marble counters, because there is so little counter space, but I was concerned that the copper would react with marble, and I really wanted the sink more than the color of the hard surface;
the river white granite picks up the color of the metals that I've chosen.

I like the contrast of copper and brushed nickel, so it is brushed nickel for the faucet and pulls.
The faucet is American Standard.

The door is in.
The cafe eating area off the kitchen is finished.

The two new lights were less than 75 dollars.
The dining room chandelier has been with us for years.
They all have a bronze finish which is also a recommended
hardware finish to pair with a copper sink.

My spouse fixed the wall and together
we are putting up wide bead board planks to cover the damaged plaster on the walls and ceilings.
We also made a false beam to cover that piece of wood.  None of it is support, but it divides two different types of plaster ceilings.  It would be really expensive to match and repair the plaster, thus the bead board.  The wall could not be removed unless we wanted to relocate everything, because it has the hot and cold pipes and the vent. That costs $$$$$.

We are really excited about this; we have lived without a kitchen since May. As we progress I'll share more about the budget. I think you will be surprised with what one can do with some elbow grease and a good plan on a limited budget.

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  1. This all looks so exciting and interesting. How lovely to be able to make your kitchen just how you want it.

  2. Oh this brings back memories....some good and some wonderful! I loved the whole process of our kitchen renovation although at times I second-guessed my decisions. You sound as though you are very secure in your direction and that is a good thing. At times I had to adjust my thinking but I never really lost sight of my dream. I love your ideas and am excited to see the outcomes along the way.

  3. Your kitchen design board is so lovely. I really like the style of oven you chose and your plans sound exciting. Looking forward to seeing it as you complete it. Happy New Year.

  4. This is all very exciting. I will follow you so I can see all you do. Good good luck..:)

  5. I am planning a small kitchen and bath...how do I use this Polyvore thingy?
    It looks like it would be so helpful.....thanks.

  6. Can't wait to see it all come together, the idea board is fab I love all the vintage touches. Thanks for linking up!


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