07 December 2012

I had my house all decorated and couldn't leave well enough alone, because the carport epoxy floor turned out magnificent, so magnificent that the painted concrete inside the dining room and kitchen couldn't be left alone.  And it has to be addressed now, because about a month ago we started working on small projects in our kitchen and our stove is coming in time for Christmas!

This is a seventy year old cottage with original, stained concrete floors. In the 40s concrete was a way to keep a desert cottage cool as well as clean, because it hid the dirt.

Beautiful...  The bedrooms and the music rooms are in the best shape.

Unfortunately, someone came along in the late 60s  and 70s and put down linoleum and carpet in the kitchen and dining room.  Well it made large tack holes in the concrete and completely ruined the surface in the dining room and kitchen.  The best we could do is paint because our budget doesn't include new floors at this time.  Besides I love the concrete floors in the rest of the house.

Painted floors work okay, but the dirt seems to get in the pores.  It is too hard to keep clean with so much grit and dirt around here.  

So we moved everything to the living room, and we began to cover the painted floors in the kitchen and dining room with an epoxy.

It is looking nice.  The photo is blurry, because I took this with my phone. 


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