06 December 2012

Home Learning

DD has been what I call an explorative learner for over two years now. Eventually we required her to present her schedule every day by 9:00 for discussion or negotiation; otherwise, she was not considering how her plans had an impact on me or her father who is based at home except for travel.

 Last year, except for her outside activities of which she has many, she only took Algebra 2.  So far this year she is taking high school chemistry.

This year she has been considering and researching some formality again, but she wants to wait until the new year to decide, because she is getting ready for some serious piano playing in the next few months.

In the meantime she is enjoying her chemistry course online and her biology book on her i-pad mini.

She is doing some writing and reading as well.  She is working on two complicated essays.  One that relates to her mentorship, and it is based on a "Man For All Seasons". The other essay is based on a Thoreau essay and some other readings, and the topic is Gifts.

She is also writing her blog, creating some new artwork, dancing, singing, contributing to the community, and doing some hiking and yoga with my sister.

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