27 December 2012

Doll House

It's fun to have a home for your small ponies, Loopsies, and Pet Shops.

This is the second doll house we have made from a kit.
We also made one from a bookcase,
but it was the one made from the bookcase that we decided to part with instead of moving.
Funny how children prefer the "real" over the plastic.  This was on her short list.

My spouse finished putting this together, and it was a fairly easy kit from Home Depot.  
We are going to leave it unpainted, because we ALL like the natural color.

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  1. I saw this doll house at the Home depot here too. It brought back memories. I built one back in 97 the year my first son was born. It was HUGE. My Mom has it now. Thanks for stopping by tonight. Happy New year!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. They had it marked down to 45!

  2. It's so charming. Lovely:) Wish I had a place to put one, it would be so fun. Just like decorating a real home.


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