22 December 2012


We have been working on some small projects and Honey-do:
fix the trap on the sink, put up drywall on one small wall in the kitchen, adjust a door, and cleaning.

In the midst of all this, I did some shopping, but only a little.  I've tried to keep in mind what gift a receiver would like to receive; it is not necessarily what I would like to give, but would be enjoyed.

Speaking of enjoyment, I cleaned, and it is already messy.  We still have ballet and piano and I've been dashing here and there, and it has been hard for me to keep on top of things.

I took a photo of my mercury glass candlestick holders.  There is dust; around here this is a week or two week's worth of dust.  Now I know why I had so much put away in my other home, but I vowed to enjoy the stuff in this home!  It is displayed and enjoyed.

See the dust!

I don't want to be Baboushka  being the Slav I am, nor do I want to be Tomie De Paola's version  The Legend of Belfana.  I want to enjoy the holy day.

I think I'll purchase my pierogi from the Polish market for Christmas Eve dinner and let some of the dust stay.

Dust doesn't show as much on light, painted surfaces!

I'm often rushed, and the words we use with one another are important; I'm  imperfect.  But I like to make little signs to remind everyone, including myself on how to pick up a room.  The one in the frame is "Music Room Forte", and it tells how to maintain the room, so I can do less reminding.

My daughter and I differ on clean, and she is better with words than I am.  The nice words in front of the painting were made from wooden beads by my angel; she wanted to spell "Jesus", but she had no "U".  So she, a pianist, spelled "noel", Bach, and joy. And that's her making cards for her cast members in the Nutcracker, even one for "the mean one".  No one told her to.

What's really important?

Merry Christmas
Have a beautiful day.

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  1. I chuckled when you said, "my daughter and I differ on cleaning." My youngest daughter and I also differed, but I learned to appreciate her ability to make everything fun.


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