28 December 2012

A Pictorial Summary of DIY 2012

Thank you!

My daughter called it a "Second Chance Shanty".
Nearly 70 years old

Original Door "Mail Here" 
Yes, that is a hole in the door.

Sometimes it is hard to choose just one 
paint color :)

I took this photo after the plumbers fixed the plumbing behind the new cement board.  So believe it or not, it is an improvement.

Now the Library (This room is part of my daughter's suite.)

Living Room  

Rotted, Smelly Original Cabinets

These floor cabinets were completely rotted.  There was a leak in the wall.  We removed most of the  left wall and all of the upper and lower cabinets, so the plumbers could fix the plumbing.  It is not a support wall and we would of removed all of it except the part closest to the outside wall carried the hot and cold water, the vent, and wiring.  We were able to make it just a 30 inch wall.  We did not want to move that stuff because the plumbing fixes and new electrical box were enough.  Relocating anything adds $$$$$.

And a another bedroom that connects with our now library. It had a few hideous colors and needed the carpet torn out and a window replaced.  It is now my daughter's room.

Like I said, how can anyone just choose one color?

Windows in the bedrooms no longer opened so they had to be replaced.

And a carport

There is also a detached office, a back "screened" sleeping porch, and a backyard that we won't get to until after the kitchen.

New Front door, new mailbox, some numbers, rebuilt chairs, landscaped, built carport gate, new porch front, painted

We removed the tile and restored the original concrete floor that they use to put in desert homes to hide dirt and keep it cool.  What was so special about this place was the corner windows that go all the way to the floor, the view from the backyard and front porch, and most importantly the floor plan had enough room for the 8 x 5 foot piano that needs at least 3 feet behind it to have enough room to play.

Made the curtain rods from electrical conduit and put in a new light that my father gave me.

Painted walls, new window, restored floors & put in closet organizer and we hung our light that I found many years ago at Ballards.


New window, restored floor, put in the book case, new light from IKEA

Fixed and Restored Doors & Put In Closet Organizer

Painted, restored floors, and new window


We installed a closet organizer.  The concrete floor in this room was in the best condition.

Epoxy the Damaged Concrete in the Dining Room and Kitchen

New Kitchen Door and View to Dining Room
That's my Swedish looking chandelier; I've had it for years and I move it.

Two New Lights & New Kitchen Door to the Carport & Moved Our Old Refrigerator to the back porch so we can get one that fits this cottage.  LOL

Epoxy the Carport Floor

New Eating Area Off the Kitchen 
 (That's my spouse's office to the left.  We have not worked on it yet.)

Started the kitchen.

We finished the Bathroom.  We only kept the tub; we ended up having a professional restore it after we did it ourselves, because it didn't seem durable.

We did all the work ourselves except for the major plumbing and the major electrical. What I mean by major is that we can't put in a new electrical panel or bring a water heater system to code.
We were able to install the sink ourselves and the new toilet as well, 
as well as hang all the lights that had wiring.  

We have a great view, and we are close to hiking trails but in the city now with less commute.
Close to ballet and the university...

We love this place, but we moved 40 miles.  Now that doesn't seem a lot for someone  like me who has moved thousands and thousands in a lifetime, 
but for my daughter it was the home she spent most of her life in.

It took prayer and persistence to keep on going, and there was frustration and adjustments and change for all.  We even lost a kitty in the move, and my daughter still misses him.  And we moved away from friends and sister 2 with the two girls.  
We now live almost next door to her teenage male cousin and sister 5.
But we managed to make it, and we love this place, because 
we did the work as a family.

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this is how it looks in 2015 after working on it for almost 3 years...


  1. You have so much to be proud of with this project. I love seeing the before and after photos. You use such pretty colors in your home.

  2. Oh wow. This is marvelous!!! Ate you going to link this post to the French party on Monday on my blog tomorrow? That would be amazing! I love makeovers and this is neat. I love the living room. Bedroom. Lights. The outside blue is so refreshing compare to the before. Gj!!

    1. Thank you, Isabelle. I will do that tomorrow. Happy New Year's Weekend!

  3. I Featured you on my blog and Facebook! XO

  4. Awesome job on this project. Love the curtains rods over the big window. Great job.

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