27 November 2012

Before & After Door & Carport

We have several projects going here these past couple of weeks and although the projects are small scale they have big impact.

My spouse has been painting the inside of the carport.  Why?  Because we can see the inside of the carport from the inside of the house.  We also have plans to paint the floor too.

These windows in my living room look out into the carport. I love them.  But every person that I have asked for an estimate to reglaze the glass then tries to sell me ugly new double panes; I have seen them replaced and the home loses its character. If I need to spend $$$$ to replace them, I want to spend the same $$$$ saving them.  Please, take your card and go, and stop advertising"window restoration"; it  is NOT your profession.  I will keep the windows until they fall out of their frames.

The kitchen opens on to the same carport, but someone put a steal door here.  It looked like a cave.

Years ago this would have been a door with a window, so now it is.  I have something planned for the carport in regards to decor, and I will be working on that next.  I can't see the car from the kitchen window, but I can see a bit of the car's rear from the living room.

There is so much more light now in the kitchen!
I have plans to make pretty what I see outside these windows and when I do it I will take photos.

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