22 November 2012

Thanksgiving Menu

We don't have a kitchen, so it was a little tricky preparing this feast.

Our Thanksgiving Menu

Mashed Potato (We forgot to make them.)

We made the following three dishes at my sister's.

1. Emeril's Legasse Portugese Stuffing  

2. Same stuffing above modified to be gluten-free and using gluten-free bread.

3.  Gluten-Free Corn Bread

Baked Sweet Potato with Maple Syrup

Turkey cooked over the barbecue.

Gluten-free gravy (made with cornstarch) cooked on stove of the barbecue.

We normally make our own desert, but with no kitchen we decided on two pies from the grocery store.

In the blender we made a lactose free vanilla cider shake for my daughter.  
(She is the one with the sensitive system.)


And we forgot to make the fresh green beans with Herbs of Provence.

We didn't notice the missing dishes until we sat down.

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