16 November 2012

Pulling Out the Decorations

I was listening to the Happiness Hour as I try to do every Friday.
And the host asked,
"What are you grateful for this year?"
And I began to cry.

The last few years have been difficult.
Everyone has difficulties.  Some greater.  Some lesser.
And I try not to forget that in my daily life.

But I always feel the presence of God in my life, and
I am fortunate, because not everyone does.

As a family we were able to reshape our lives.
We have a home that we are fixing ourselves.
It is rewarding.

 I pray for my friends who are experiencing economic distress
and or debilitating health issues.  
Greater than mine at this time.

My daughter wanted me to get out the tree a week early this year.
Last year we couldn't have one.

I've unwrapped just a few ornaments so far.
I have not located most of the handmade ones of New Mexico and Arizona.

These are icons made in Greece.

The blue heart is folk art made locally.  One is made in Peru.  One is  a "Storyteller" made here.
One is the mission San Javier Del Bac.