14 November 2012

Potato & Pear Soup

A few days ago I was sitting in the doctor's office reading magazines and I saw a recipe for pear soup, but I don't have a smart phone, and I didn't have a pen or pencil or paper.

But it sounded good, so today I went to work at making a pot of soup without a recipe.  

Today I went to the grocery store and bought:

4 green pears
2 pounds of russet potato
2 leeks
3 cans of chicken broth, but if one prefers thinner soup get four.

I peeled four pears and two pounds of potatoes and chopped them into squares and boiled them in the chicken broth until they were tender.

Next I saute'd two chopped leeks with some chopped garlic in butter.
Leeks remind me of a mild onion.

Next I mixed these two dishes together and then poured them into the blender to puree carefully.  It made a lot of soup so this took about four times.

It was a little thick so I added a half cup of apple juice and salted to taste.
I've since tried it with some wasabi.  Yum.
It is also good with some Mexican sour cream which is a salted sour cream.

It is a mild slightly tart, slightly sweet, creamy soup.  
It is pale green, and it needs a garnish perhaps, some chives or cilantro or some crushed pecans.
It's gluten and dairy free.
It tastes good even though it looks weird, and it would taste even better with homemade stock, but I don't have a kitchen;  I cooked this on our barbecue which has burners.

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  1. That sounds delicious. I've been there, cooking on the grill that is. It's amazing how many good things you can make with out a properly functioning kitchen.

    1. Yes, it's fun. Sort of like camping year round.

  2. Hi, Your soup sounds yummy. You did good considering you have no kitchen...Connie

  3. I think that sounds really good! I like leeks - haven't used them much but liked them when I did!

  4. Sounds like a great recipe. I will be featuring it tonight at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Judy. That's sweet of you.


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