11 November 2012


What inspired me this week?

I've been painting.  
And I've been watching my daughter and her use of color.
I used the photo I took of my daughter at Halloween as inspiration.

I came back to change this post because I was moved by Celia.
Oddly, I actually wrote what is to come earlier, but then I deleted it; but then I discovered Celia's blog as I was visiting people that posted about inspiration.

I watch my daughter.
I use to paint.
I was good. I won some contests.
Many years ago.
When I was teen.

When I was a teen.
I fractured my skull.
And I rarely, except for once or twice over many years did I try to paint.
I seemed to have lost that part of my creativity.
Even though I can design and decorate, that part of me that was prolific went with me.
This past year.
Something changed.
Sometimes when I watch my daughter I remember.


  1. You're talented! I love it. :)

  2. Oh wow! This is beautiful! Great inspiration. I am so glad this part of you came back. Things are so weird sometimes. Thanks do much for linking. You are awesome!

    1. Thank you, Isabelle. Great question!


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