26 November 2012

New Doorbell

This seventy year-old cottage didn't have a doorbell, and I did not want to put a knocker on my new front door.
Instead I wanted a bell, but I had not gotten around to ordering it online. 

Meanwhile, I wanted to check out Hobby Lobby, because I heard it was a craft shop like Michael's or JoAnn's.  
 Well it was much more than a craft shop!
And I happened to find a bell like the one I was looking for!
It's a dinner bell. I've seen them on cottages by the beach.
 It has a nice tone and it is loud enough to hear in the backyard.
Half off!

I like to be different.

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  1. Hi SJohnson! I haven't been here forever. if ever. I do recall visiting here at first but have lost track of you. Blog-land can be very daunting at times.

    stop by soon or when you can. We need to keep in touch.

  2. Great idea! My house is old and has no doorbell. I really like this.


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