04 November 2012

Last Week in Learning


Someone gave us tickets to Giselle.  The second act is beautiful.  The willis dance in their gauzy, white, wedding gowns against a backdrop of blues and blacks.

Piano & Singing

Together we are reading Captain Courageous Rudyard Kipling. 
We compared and contrasted "Henry" to
"Richard Rich" from A Man For All Seasons

My daughter thought of this.  
She found a current event to compare to an incident in Animal Farm and wrote an essay.

Studying Chemistry in an Online Class 

Halloween,  Dia De Los Muertos, All Saints Day & All Souls Day

She is reading poetry, a biology book, and rereading 
A Secret Garden

Selecting & Wrapping a Gift

Brain Pop


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  1. I still have not seen Giselle, and I so want to. It's not part of the season this year here in Seattle. I love reading about what your daughter is learning, it's always interesting.


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