29 November 2012

Nothing is an Eyesore

Old Homes have funky features that could be misconstrued as eyesores.

Kitchen Remodel 

I wanted a door with a window to replace this door.
My kitchen was a cave, 
but I knew if I put a door here I would get the light that comes in from the backyard and the light that comes over the carport gate and through the corner living room windows into my kitchen. Everyone I told my plan to frowned, even the guy earning money hanging the door. 

In this photo the carport is brown.    

If I was going to replace the door I would see the carport, so I needed to paint the carport.

Some of the supplies are still on the floor.

This  tale is also a lesson in how to turn a potential eyesore into something beautiful and how to use something beautiful in an unforeseen way.

This is the  new view from my new kitchen door 
into the covered, gated carport off my kitchen that opens to the backyard; 
it is a retablo of the Blessed Mother. 
 I have been wanting to hang it, but I had to discover the perfect space for her. 

She use to hang in a nicho in my former, good size, custom Spanish revival home, 
but she looks just as sweet; sweeter, in a comfortable cottage. 

But it was meant to be; the handyman said, "it's the easiest door I've ever hung", 
and he was able to use the original casing.) 

I still have more plans for this space, nothing elaborate, 
but I have to paint the carport floor before I can procede with moving some more of 
our case goods around. And there will be still space for the car.

Behind that blue wall on the left is my spouse's detached office, but
I have not started work on that either.

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