01 October 2012


My daughter finished her algebra 2 class about a month ago, so I've been researching what to do next. 
But then my mom made an unexpected visit from the East, and a sister from Houston, so we both have to just go with the flow.  

In piano she has an interesting repertoire and will be adding a concerto soon.  
In singing she is learning Italian arias.  
She is still dancing and has a part in an upcoming ballet.  
She still plays chess on Wednesdays.  

With her mentor she studied "A Man For All Seasons", and with me she studied "Animal Farm".  These two books were interesting to read together and there will be an essay topic from her writing mentor.  She also researches the history that goes a long with these books.

That's about it.


  1. What a beautiful photo. It looks like a professional portrait with the mirror image etc. And your watermark is perfect across the front of the piano. Just lovely!


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