12 October 2012

My Mom's "Shower" Curtains

My mom was here visiting from the east, and she loved what I have done with our home.  She really liked my electrical conduit curtain rods, and told me she needed to get new curtains, but her windows were so large across it would be over 800 dollars.  I asked, "How wide?" And then I suggested she look at shower curtains because some of them are made of really nice material.

She did, and she bought four waffle weave curtains.  She sews, so she hemmed the top of each one creating a ruffle.  So for a little over 120 dollars, versus 800 dollars, she has beautiful, full curtains. They look expensive and custom, and everyone loves them, even my father, who only asked, "Why not blue?" as he hung them.

It took my mother three Targets to locate four curtains, and a salesperson asked her, "Why four of the same?".  My mom said, "I have four guest bathrooms and want no one to feel slighted." LOL

She took this photo with her phone.

She is so proud of herself that she will move on to her next project and will be sending me photos.

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