02 October 2012

Landscaping DIY

My spouse and I have been working on the front yard landscape which includes a new flag.
I researched the plants and drew out my plan.  I feel confident doing it myself because I've been involved in at least five landscape projects in the past. 

I decided no mounding with dirt, but instead I would get the mounding from the plants. I just don't like the look of manmade mounds with an old house.

Tip Use Drought Tolerant, Natives or Near Natives For an Easy Care Garden or Landscape

We planted some drought tolerant, ornamental grass that we staggered.  Rubrum.  
When the grass matures it will be purple and green with feather wisps and move with the wind and give the yard a soft beach feel. And hopefully there will be some tangelos from the tree too.   

Close to the window near the big tree I am planting a flower garden with drought tolerant purples, yellows, blues, and red shrubs. In front of the flowering garden and beneath the tree there will be a roundish patio of just pebble or random stone with either a painted bench or a bistro table and chairs. 

On the existing wall beside the driveway I planted a drought, tolerant white flower plant to make a hedge.  Already the yard is attracting lots of yellow butterflies!  

For ground cover I've selected some oval, smooth edged river rock.

And then there is the backyard which has not gone neglected.
In the backyard we are building a shed from a kit!  
I've been busy!

And I've still have some recycled Adirondack chairs for the porch that need refinishing! 

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