14 October 2012

Halloween Literature, Food, and Costumes

Halloween Literature

These are a few of the poems we have read on Halloween pasts. They are not exactly Halloween poems, but the vocabulary, repetition, and phonetic sounds on some of these give you that haunting or spooky feel. 

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Owl 
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Edgar Allen Poe

Halloween Food

This is A crocodile sandwich with my recipe Butterfly's Pesto for almond pesto which is less expensive than pine nuts at 26 dollars a pound. 
The crocodile idea is from Roald Dahl Revolting Recipes

Gingerbread Pueblo with Roadrunner Feet 
based On 
Alice Nizzy Nazzy Witch of Santa Fe by Tony Johnston
The shredded wheat puffs are sheep that were changed into pillows by the witch. Roadrunners are fierce predators so it is appropriate that the author chose them.  
We had a roadrunner at our other home that visited every afternoon to drink from the pool or the fountain and wreak havoc on birds and lizards and harass pets with his razor sharp beak. He was so bold and unafraid of humans that he would not run from me if I ran at him. By the way roadrunners' feet are X's and their facial markings are red, white, and blue . They are also quite tall.

Ideas Based on Harry Potter

Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter Student at Hogwarts

Cosette of Les Miserables
(though I think it could make a good Cinderella too)

Jane Austen's Emma 

Rosalind "As You Like It"

Alice in Wonderland Slays the Jabberwocky
(or Joan of Arc)
Here are other interpretations of "Alice" over the years 

She has also been "Heidi", "Bindi", "A Scientist",  "Lucy" from LWW,  "Dorothy", "Felicity An American Girl" and a "Chef Fairy" a "Butterfly"and all kinds of Fairies.   Dressing up has always been one of my daughter's favorite things to play, and she usually picks strong characters from literature.




  1. That crocodile sandwich is AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, it is real easy to make. I simplified and modified for my daughter's diet.


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