10 October 2012

Creating Our Master

I love white, pillows, flowers, angels, icons, candles, and baskets for organization, but I chose color for the walls to pick up the wall decor and floor rug.  The throw and skirt also pick up colors in the art and rug.   I use the armoire to store clothing and extra sheets and pillows.

This is a small room in small house, but the large pieces of furniture have impact and make the room look larger. There is no television, but we do have a radio.  We also have two large comfy chairs, one for each of us.  It is a peaceful room and the green is calming.
A couple of years ago I found the JW comforter here. shopmarriott.com  
The decorative pillow is from IKEA.
The throw came from Target.
The paint is Bamboo Shoot from Sherwin Williams.
The overhead light is from Ballard Design.
I've had it about 15 years, and I have moved it from home to home.
The art and the santos are original and were made by folk artists and local artists. 


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