28 October 2012

Bathroom 9

We have been working all weekend.  Between Halloween costume making and the ongoing bathroom remodel, we managed to finish painting one side of the house; we painted the side the neighbor's could see from their kitchen.
Our neighbors are wonderful.  We watched their home, and they gave us a Home Depot gift card, so we went and bought some new paint brushes and finished.  
(The brick sort of eats paint brushes.)
Everyone is happy.

My daughter found one of the infamous, original bathroom photos on her computer.  She must of taken it with her i-phone, and it predates this charmer.

This one has fixed plumbing behind the new cement board we put in.

But this photo has part of the surround intact, and the original hand fixtures.
I forgot that we scraped that glue off the walls.

Well tomorrow is the big, bathroom reveal;  
it is done.  At some point I would like a professional to finish the tub, 
but our refinishing is fine for now.

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  1. Hi, Dear! Oooh, this looks familiar! We have done several bathroom re-dos over the years in a couple of the older homes we have lived in...it is always so worth it, even though there's always a big mess first :)! I look forward to seeing photos! Thank you so much for leaving me such a sweet comment...
    I really did have fun with the Halloween "Party"...I don’t think I’ve had that much Halloween décor out since the “Big Kids” were little (I have four; ages 38, 33, 25, and one still home, a senior in high school ~ 17), and I still had my Mom to encourage me...(I just needed a little “nudge”!)...
    Come visit me often! (Now following you, as well!)

  2. Nice! Doesn't it feel good to have it done.


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