21 October 2012

Bathroom 6

We are still plugging away on the tile, but we are nearing the end of a DIY bathroom remodel.  Now we are cutting the ones we need to finish.  We rented a a saw for 50 bucks.   The tiles can break easily, but the blade might not be that great either.
I think we are going to come in on this just over 300 dollars.

These are some photos from Sunday.

  The spacers are still in, and there is no grout yet,
but this is going to be pretty, a real improvement compared to what we started with.    We did all the work ourselves except for what was behind the new cement board.


  1. Dropping by from Met Monday. What a project you have taken on! You are doing a great job and I look forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. It is so rewarding carrying out your own renovation, it is amazing what you learn along the way and in the end you have such a sense of accomplishment ( However I must admit it is equally as nice when it is all over and done with!)

  3. I love subway tile! Looking great so far :)


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