20 October 2012

Bathroom 5

This is where I last left everyone on the total bathroom remodel.

Today we bought the tile at Home Depot.
We went mosaic, white, subway tile with a chair rail of seafoam glass to pick up the blues in the slate, and then we will add a cap on top to make it look finished.  It is also inexpensive, but classic, and it will look good in this 1940s house.

Here it is layed out on the floor.  The stripe will be at approximately the level of the bead board.

My spouse and I are now tiling, and hopefully within a wink, this bathroom will be about complete.
When we have the funds I will have a professional seal it, and it will look  almost new forever.
We had that done in another home once, and it was amazing. 

And here is the start.

We are troweling this on to make it stick quickly, so we don't need to brace it, but we do have to measure carefully.  I'm the creative one; my spouse is the chemist and so measuring, and calculations were left to him.

This project was just a little more than 250 with a 25 dollar gift card from our good neighbor, because we took the river rock all the way to where our property meets theirs for about 12 inches width, but I'm not sure how many feet long!  We have really great neighbors.

I still have to buy white grout, a disposable bucket, and then rent a tile cutter, but I am waiting until all the tiles are in, so my spouse can cut them all at once and save.  We already have the beaters for our drill, because we used it on another project.


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