03 September 2012

The Painted Porch

Painted the porch yesterday, but I took the photo before I pulled the weeds.
Next on the agenda is the walkway.

Today, we stained the walkway with Quikcrete slate.

In summary, we replaced the porch posts because the metal was no longer holding up the roof.  We replaced the door and the smaller window too, and then we added the mailbox, new light, numbers, and door set in a brushed nickel/stainless, built a new gate, painted the side gate and wall, and painted the house in a pastel because these homes were originally fun colors.
The way the house looks now is more appropriate to the original style of the home, yet updated.  I had stainless solar lights to light the path, but they walked; it's one of the risks of living in the city.  However, I have to say my neighbors are friendly.
So many years, almost a decade,
in a gorgeous home and neighborhood and we only made one good friend.
Seemingly perfect neighborhoods do not necessarily breed perfect neighbors.



  1. I entirely agree with you about neighbors. I've lived all kinds of places, city, county, country, etc. And it just depends on the neighbors in the hood. Some are friendly and honest and some are not. I find that if they're dog lovers they are usually people friendly too. Anyway, walking the dog is a great way to meet your neighbors. Your house looks great, you added all the right touches for comfy, cozy and inviting!

  2. I love the blue. What a transformation!!

  3. What a huge difference. I LOVE the blue. We are living in the house I grew up in. There are still about 3 neighbors from when I was younger. The rest I don't even know. It is sad that neighborhoods have changed so much.

  4. It really is a huge difference! I love the blue that you used. It looks great!


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