30 August 2012

Before & After Side Gate

This is the side gate and it was salvageable, but beginning to rust and the wrong color.  

We removed the wooden slats and put a fresh coat or two of Sherwin William's bright white, and while the slats were drying, we primed and painted the iron gate a metallic silver.  I could of left the slats off, because that gate actually looked prettier without them, but like the front, my backyard is not landscaped.  Next we painted the rest of the wall.  My daughter and I wanted the blue, but my spouse wanted to make a safe choice, so we started with white and ended up with blue.

So this is how the house looks now.  It's still in need of a painted porch, dead tree removal, and landscape, but looks much better than when we started.


  1. Your home is looking very nice... I really like the fresh blue paint. The gate looks good too, and you can always remove the planks later on if you decide to. Good Job! I know it's a lot of work, but it's really paying off.

    1. Thank you , Geneva. Yes, the blue really freshens up the place.


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