15 August 2012

Happy Paint

Why did I use colors like gray green, grays, soft blues, whites, and aqua in the interior and on the exterior of this home?

When we found this house it was a dingy shade of beige and tan inside and out with some hideous shades in the bedrooms, and since it was seventy years old, the beige and tan made it look grimy and decrepit and depressing.  But even though it looked tired and sad, I could see her underneath those years of neglect.  She just needed a loving family.


Out west, desert colors may be the way to go on newer construction, but on these older houses for the most part, unless it a territorial, pueblo, or a Mediterranean, I don't think these old houses were meant to be beige or desert sand.

When I was repairing the plaster in the closet where an addition had been done many years ago,  I could see that this house was once a light green.  I talked to my neighbor who is in the midst of fixing hers up, and she said hers though still an ugly khaki was originally peach.  Then someone came along and fixed up a cottage changing it to pink and white; it is the cutest and happiest looking little cottage around.  Now around the corner there is a yellow and white one :)

For ours, I decided on a pale blue and white for the exterior of this house. Immediately the house with its new white painted porch beams, new door, and its pale blue exterior smiled graciously back at us.  She looked like herself.

We are still painting, but have since painted the front door white, and added stainless accents; we still have to landscape, and we have a long way to go, but it is slowly coming together.

The mailbox is from Chiasso, and the numbers and handset are from Home Depot.
LaLa Loopsies in the Basket (They are becoming the colors of the neighborhood:)

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  1. I love blue on the exterior of a house. A bit of a creative choice and I applaud you. Those stainless accents by the front are perfect.


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