20 August 2012

Dumpster Find

My daughter was out with my spouse when she spotted these wooden 
Adirondack Chairs on the bulk pickup.  

She begged her father to retrieve them so that we could fix them with some paint and place them on the front porch.

(We already had the small white one; its my daughter's.)

So when I get some time in my long list of  projects these will be sanded, mended, and painted a crisp white for a sweet, cottage front porch.


  1. Adirondack chairs are one of my favorite things. I know these will turn our beautifully. I am so in awe of your decorating abilities! And re. your question, we do get cold winters. It even snows occasionally. :) Year before last we got 10" and snow 3 times! That was huge for us. :)

    1. Thank you, Karen. I did not know that; I think of it being so far south.

  2. They are my favorite chairs to lounge in when we are at the pool. I would love to have some in my yard. Lucky that she saw them and begged to retrieve them.


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