29 August 2012

Carport Gate 3

We had to build a gate for our carport, because the other one was falling down.
 Here is the carport gate finished.
It was designed and built by my spouse.  I still need to take the barcode off the hinges.  My daughter wanted him to stand in front of it and say, "I built it", but he is shy.  

Handles.  I picked these to go with the handset, mailbox, numbers on the house, and new posts with some galvanized metal on them.  Together the handles were less than 20 dollars.  They are actually for indoor cabinets, but this is a sheltered area.

Installed.  This is the progress we have made so far.  Next is that wall and gate on the left and paint the floor of the porch.  And when we have the budget tree removal and landscape.   It's quite a difference; the before gate didn't fit the space and didn't have wheels, so it would lean, and I could not open it at all.  The whole place, even with out landscape, looks a lot more cheerful than she did several months ago when we found her.  See what one can do with some elbow grease.
Fixer-uppers can be a great deal with a good inspection that you paid for and a good eye is helpful too.



  1. The new gate looks great. Your home looks a lot like some here in the Phoenix area. You've made some nice changes.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You mentioned you had never been to Hobby Lobby. It is similar to Michael's, but on steroids....lol! Until a year ago, when we moved here, we had lived in a very small town with no Hobby Lobby, no Sprouts, a very small JoAnn's, but an over abundance of Walmarts! I'm excited to be living where we have some nice choices. Sprouts is our new favorite store.

  2. You've done wonders for the house so far it looks like!

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