12 August 2012

Before & After Door 2

There are two of these doors, and I posted about this one earlier, but we had not trimmed it yet.

Below is our weekend project and the progression to trimmed and painted.

Behold: One UGLY door and mail slot.  I have no idea what the former owner had in mine.

New Door Installed and Painted on the Interior
New Door Painted

This was a simple project.  Trimming took about a half hour.  At first the nails got bent because we hit concrete, but we found some shorter nails that went only into the plaster and it went smoothly.
New Door Nicely Trimmed & Painted
Pretty Improvement


  1. It looks so much better now unlike the old door that is so plain. What I like about your new door is the small glass pane. Did you add it or is it already attached to the door? Either way, the important thing is the new door gives a whole new look to the entryway. It’s attractive and inviting.

  2. It's a new, stock door from Hope Depot. The original had a hole in it. Thank you


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