08 August 2012

Before & After Bathroom 3 Walls

As you can see in post 1 and post 2 the walls of this bathroom are plaster.  And the plaster was very damaged.  We had already repaired all the plastered closets in the house and it was labor intensive, so I decided to cover the walls with bead-board.

I prefer the wider plank look, it is less busy and fit the cottage style of this home better.  (I associate the thinner width plank with Victorian decor.)

Bead-board comes in planks of real wood tongue and groove, planks in packages primed, and on board.  This was a small space so we chose the sheets because it only took three.

The trick to installation here is too cut the plank section in half lengthwise  to make it match the other end, and use wood filler, sanding, and lots of semi-gloss paint to smooth the transition.  When done caulk big gaps between the wood and the wall.

Bead board is a high-end look for very little money if one does the work.  This look was less than 100 dollars.

I didn't match the baseboard to the cap.  The way I selected the baseboard and cap was by playing with pieces from Lowes.

I have had these four prints for ten years; they circle the room, and one is on another wall.  They came from Ballard Designs.  Both paints are Sherwin-Williams semigloss.

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