07 August 2012

Before & After Bathroom 2 Toilet

Toilets only come in 12 inch and 10 inch standard rough ins.
We had 11.25 inch rough in.  

However, it can be special ordered, but only one company makes them, and they do not make the best flushing toilet, and one will pay a premium for the plainest toilet there is.

What can you do?  Move the plumbing if you have a fortune....

I phoned my father The Plumber that lives across the country.  He immediately knew what to do.
Plumbers are expensive, but they are totally worth it!!!  That's why I paid a plumber to fix all the major plumbing problems, but we thought a toilet was fairly simple, because we once replaced one on a home that was only 30 something years old.  But this home was seventy!  The specs were different.

My dad the plumber said, "Buy a Kohler", he continued, "made in the U.S.A".  By design Kohler's toilets have enough give in the base, and it is the only company that makes toilets this way. (My father said not to go with their cheaper knock off brand because it is made in China. And really there is not much price differential if you go with a plainer toilet!) We were able to buy the 12 inch and fit it into the space and over the drain in the floor properly, because it has enough wiggle room in the base.

But we could not buy any Kohler toilet, we still had to take into account the tank measurements to be sure.  Careful measuring!  Generally the more expensive the Kohler the bigger the tank due to the decorative design of the tank.

We chose a Kohler with a simpler design: low profile, higher seat, and sleek tank.  The tank fit fairly close to the wall, but it fit.

Installing the Toilet

The next thing we had to do was make sure the toilet was level.  This is where one should have used a plumber or needs to call a plumber if you are not handy!

The toilet has to fit on the wax ring perfectly to work properly. There are two different sizes.  It needed the normal size. (Fortunately these are inexpensive if you get it wrong.  The installation guide may say one thing, but your floor and pipes may point you to a different size. This is where thinking comes into play or calling the plumber.) The toilet has to be perfectly level therefore plastic shims.  Our floor was off.  It took a shim or two, but one has to have this level and stable.  Perfectly right for it to work properly.  Perfectly right because what may come next in some of these toilet situations is mortaring beneath the toilet to make it stable.

If you mortar wrong your toilet it is no good and the only way to get it out is break it with a sledge hammer. (That's how we removed the original broken toilet.)

Kick the Toilet

NOT necessary!   All we had to do to remove the toilet was kick the toilet!  Kick the toilet and it comes right off!  Great plumbing advice from a plumber.  Make sure you are wearing a heavy shoe.  We know this works, because we removed the new toilet by a good swift kick.  We had negative pressure in the system and the toilet wouldn't work, so a plumber had to snake the system.  The toilet was off because my spouse thought it was broken that's why the plumber snaked from the bathroom.

More to come on this bathroom.

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